About Me

My name is Renee Butler and I am a storyteller.

My focus is on helping companies like yours tell the right stories – and I am good at what I do. As a professional writer, I partner with brands to help them define and achieve their strategic communication goals. Through a mixture of creative storytelling, strategic media planning, identity development, and digital content strategy, I can help you find insight and uncover the seed that ties it all together. 
I work with my clients to identify the stories worth sharing, the things that will inspire action, and those case studies that help align the organization so it can focus on a common vision. I help grow businesses by building relationships, engaging others in a creative way, raising awareness, and capturing attention. I want to know what drives your organization, what makes you different, and what you want to accomplish.
Let me design a multi-channel strategy that will help you grow your business and attract the right attention. My biggest talent is being able to condense complicated information into easily digestible articles for consumers and busy executives alike. I specialize in finance, management, biotechs, and clinical research. I’ve spent the last year writing for Pharm-Olam, a contract research organization. Other recent clients include Adobe, AMEX, Credit Suisse, Motley Fool, PNC, SCORE, Seeking Alpha, and The Street.

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