My name is Renee Breiten. I am a writer and small business consultant.

My goal is to help your business be better.

My passion is explaining strategy and quantifying it in ways that laypersons can understand, and professionals can enjoy. I make it my business to stay on top of the markets, and I enjoy explaining why companies do what they do and how those actions affect consumers and investors. I also like to explore ways that small businesses and startups can apply those strategies to improve their businesses.

Simply put my writing centers on the business of doing business – from business to finance, and everything in between. I specialize in article writing, blog posting, and white papers for small to medium-sized companies. My work has been picked up by a range of media outlets – from big names like Marketwatch and CNBC to niche sites like InsiderMonkey and SeekingAlpha.

I also write on the subject of small business. I apply corporate finance concepts to the needs of smaller companies and startups to create actionable (and practical) advice.

Let’s get started.